Geno Gruber

Geno Gruber, Principal, President

Geno has been marketing for many different business segments for over 20 years. Believing that marketing should be accountable to sales, Geno has grabbed the wheel and stomped on the gas in pursuit of the never ending question “Why do people do the things they do?” Geno has had the benefit of spending millions of dollars of other people’s money to find these answers. His findings have helped numerous companies experience growth of tenfold.

His passion is in the message. He is sought after for his creative persuasive copy writing for radio, direct mail and the web. He has also shown to be an aggressive media buyer, business consultant and life coach. Geno believes life balance is the missing ingredient in the pursuit of happiness. If you can’t find happiness now you never will. So he does what he loves and loves what he does. This passion shows in his work and in the people he serves.

Business consulting is also a strong point for Geno. Currently he writes a monthly column in Compass magazine, a magazine that focuses on management and marketing for home services companies. He also headed the Mission Accomplished program for Success Group International, a family of organizations all dedicated to helping contractors within a specific trade pull ahead of the competition and create breakaway success. In this role he traveled North America helping businesses get an extra edge on their competition.

Mark Hendry

Mark Hendry, Principal, VP Operations

Since graduating CSU Chico with a BA in communications and industrial technology, Mark has racked up over 25 years of marketing experience learning what works and most importantly what doesn’t. These lessons were numerous while serving as the chief designer for Designers Guild in Sacramento, CA where he developed interpretive exhibits for visitor centers in Northern CA. This is where he learned how to tell a story utilizing graphics design, copy writing, 3 dimensional dioramas, games, computer models and signage.

As CEO of Creative Composition, Inc, a direct response marketing company, he developed strategies for commercial accounts as well as nonprofit corporations utilizing direct response techniques to raise funds, increase sales, and generate leads. Mark’s experience with direct mail advertising has proved to be invaluable for client’s that want to reach new prospects or donors and move to the next level in their organization.

Mark believes that direct response marketing needs to be accountable. Always pushing the envelope to get better response rates he has developed innovate methods utilizing multiple media channels. An example is utilizing a direct mail piece to drive potential clients or donors to your web site.


Jessica Root, Management Adviser, Consultant

Jessica managed a client care center for a company that was recognized as the top home services company in North America 4 years in a row. She is a natural leader and understands that to serve a client you must seek to understand there desires. She believes in a Sam Walton quote; “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” Her desire to please is the foremost reason she chose to work at PunchStick. She believes the rest of her team will stand behind her and please her clients.

Jessica has also help businesses achieve 300% sales growth in 30 days via call center system implementation and script writing. She understands human behavior and how to use it to achieve higher client satisfaction and greater company sales.


Janine Rood, Consultant, Copywriter

Janine Rood is a marketing consultant who believes in marketing that works rather than just looks good. She is a marketing veteran with 20+ years of experience spanning all areas of marketing, including strategic planning, product management and product marketing, social marketing, lead generation and lead management, events planning and management, corporate identity, web design and implementation, and business and technical writing. She has worked for large companies like Hewlett Packard (6 years), Rational Software/IBM (5 years) and Pyramid Technology (2 years), as well as for a number of high-tech start-up companies. Along with Bachelors and Masters degrees from Stanford University, she earned a certificate in Non-Profit Management from San Jose State University. She has provided marketing services for multiple non-profit organizations.

Janine thrives on the process of finding new and unique solutions to complex problems. She brings to the table a strong ability to see the big picture, synthesize information, identify issues and develop solutions. She mobilizes groups to move from plan to action, and believes in completion and making results measurable. She excels at business and technical writing as well as executive ghost-writing.