You have an idea for a successful business, great. Do you have a plan to get there? A simple law of the universe exists that we live by; Plan or be Planned For. Developing your marketing plan does not end at the placement of your ads. The ad is just the beginning. You need a process to capture the call, close the sale and deliver the product or service beyond the customer’s expectation.

Our approach is simple; we find companies with a great product or service and help them sell it. We do not profit from flaccid marketing. If your business does not grow in revenue, neither do we. We believe that we should be accountable for our work. We don’t accept agency commissions for spending your money either… we pass that savings to you. So how do we get paid? We will agree on a monthly service fee that is smaller than what a typical agency would receive in commissions. If we grow your business, and you want us to keep growing your business, our retainer will grow by the same percentage as you. How is that for accountability and incentive?

The ads we write are only a part of what we do to market your business. We have business consultants that come into your business, and evaluate all the areas of your business looking for the overlooked systems that affect revenue growth. These consultants travel the country getting paid $3,500 a visit plus expenses to share their expertise. PunchStick clients get them for free. We have doubled clients’ bottom lines before ever running an ad because of these experts.